Xinran Zhao

I am a first year master student majoring in Computer Science at Stanford University. I started to work on Natural Language Processing research since my bachelors at HKUST.

At HKUST, I was fortunate to work on commonsense reasoning, pronoun coreference resolution, and knowledge graph mining with Prof. Yangqiu Song in Knowledge Computation Group. I was also very fortunate to work on text simplification and an online learning platform with Prof. Dit-Yan Yeung.
During my exchange at Cornell University, I started to work on debate argument mining and received great help and guidance from Prof. Claire Cardie.

I did my bachelors at HKUST with a GPA of 3.958 (top 1%) and received the Academic Achievement Medal and First Class Honors. I will start my master study at Stanford University in Fall 2021. I am actively looking for a Ph.D. position in NLP.

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I'm interested in working on meaningful research on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning where my goal is to build effetive and faithful systems to tackle the ambiguity of natural languages. Key words of my current research include: Commonsense Reasoning, Argument Mining, and Text Simplification.

1. WinoWhy: A Deep Diagnose of Essential Commonsense Knowledge for Answering Winograd Schema Challenge
Hongming Zhang*, Xinran Zhao*, and Yangqiu Song (*: equal contribution)
In Proceedings of ACL 2020.
[paper] /  [code & data] /  [details] 
2. Leveraging Topic Relatedness for Argument Persuasion
Xinran Zhao, Esin Durmus, Hongming Zhang, and Claire Cardie
In Findings of ACL 2021. [details] 
3. Probing Toxic Content in Large Pre-Trained Language Models
Nedjma Ousidhoum, Xinran Zhao, Tianqing Fang, Yangqiu Song, and Dit-Yan Yeung
In Proceedings of ACL 2021. [details] 
4. Learning Contextual Causality Between Daily Events from from Time-consecutive Images
Hongming Zhang, Yintong Huo, Xinran Zhao, Yangqiu Song, and Dan Roth
In CVPR 2021: Causality in Vision Workshop. [details] 
5. A Brief Survey and Comparative Study of Recent Development of Pronoun Coreference Resolution
Hongming Zhang, Xinran Zhao, and Yangqiu Song
In CRAC Workshop @ EMNLP 2021.
[paper] /  [code & data] /  [details] 
1. Seek to Embed ASER: A Large-scale Eventuality Knowledge Graph
Advised by Xin Liu and Prof. Yangqiu Song
An acknowledged contributor (paper was accepted by WWW 2020). [paper] /  [details] 
2. An Online Learning Platform with NLP Supported Teaching Assistant
Advised by Prof. Dit-Yan Yeung.
Final Year Project. [details] 
3. A Comparative Study on the Sentimental Characteristics of Chinese and Western Tourists
Advised by Xi Yue and Prof. Yushi Jiang
In Annual Conference of Journal of Marketing Science 2019, China.
[paper (Chinese)] /  [paper (English)] /  [details] 
4. Mining Course Structure for Course Recommendation
Advised by Prof. Raymond Wong.
UROP(undergraduate research opportunity) project. [details] 
5. One-shot Pokemon Classification
Advised by Prof. Qifeng Chen.
Cousework. [report]  [details] 

Besides researching, I am also keen on other activities:
-I am an enthusiastic body-builder that can do 110 kg squat.
-I am a member of HKUST Mandarin Debate team, where my teammates and I won the championship for Bayarea Debate Championship and Top 8 for the sixth and seventh International Madarin Debate Invitational in Singapore.
-I am a traditional Chinese poem writer who got a few publishments on newspapers.
-I am an active member of the HKUST Archery Club.

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